things Facebook already knows

The weird result of the meteor shower incident is that I've suddenly become much better friends with roommate D. Or it could be the Zoloft making me not so antisocial.

Seeing Ira Glass sept 26th. I've become kind of a This American Life fanatic, which is a weird thing to be fanatical about but hey it's better than opiates or Ayn Rand.

Westboro Baptist Church is coming to B-town on September 1st! I'm oh so excited.

God Help the Girl really is one of my favorite albums ever. It's fucking sublime.

The Zoloft is srsly working purty well, but I've been pretty lazy. Oh well.


more on the hack-sores

I wondered why I wasn't getting any email. Turns out that while they were in control of my email account, they had set it up to forward all mail to a slightly misspelled version of my email!

Sneaky bastards.

So now everything is back to normal.


Facebook sucks, but I was kind of relying on it and suddenly being locked out blows. Sent a "someone changed the email associated with my account DUDES"  to the faceless facebook admins but no reply yet.

I remember livejournal! I used to write all sorts of crap here, three times a day.

Malaysia 401 Scammer

Someone LEET HAXORED my email and/or facebook and sent out a strange email saying I was in Malaysia and needed a few thousand dollars and blah blah blah.

So I changed my email password this morning when I found out.

Also upon returning from work, I couldn't log into facebook.


Waiting on the confirmation email to change my password...

...and it's not coming? They could have changed my email... shit.

So ANYTHING I've done today on Facebook, um, isn't actually me. I can't see if I've done anything because I can't log in.

Sorry, folks, for all the hubbub. Peoples are calling peoples over this, but I don't think it's a big deal. Sorry sorry sorry if this causes shit for anyone. I swear I didn't download illegal porn or anything weird.

ETA: They defiently changed my email. I've reported it to Facebook, so um hopefully they will fix this?



Okay, my silly "get my lazy ass back to thailand" plan is back and somewhat less unrealistic.

I'm thinking... like... a year from now? I need to first get my act together. NO MORE EMO. Save up some money. Ramp up the study.

Learn Thai, learn how to write, be a translator. That's my vague plan. May take a while. Better than nuthin.

don't fuck with our lives

Already hate the new old job again.

Especially people who play the goddamn scratch-off lottery. Augh. Die. All of you.

I haven't been writing shit in here because 1. I spend my energy on the Thai and 2. everyone seems to be on facebook and 3. I don't feel the urge to write long emo rants much anymore.

I still like to rant about religion but that need is mostly fulfilled by following the atheist blogs.